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All parameters of the electronic engine control usually are filed as a data set on a rewritable memory chip. In general, it is a multidimensional engine map.

CockpitChiptuning links all information that is relevant for motor controlling and managing in a modified way. These are suctioning, temperature conditions of the motor and its environment, turbocharger pressure (when applicable) as well as all other regulating and controlling mechanisms of a modern engine.

From these parameters, together with further steadily stored information, the output parameters are defined. In the first place, these are: the moment of injection, injection rate and ignition point for each cylinder. Each combustion engine with an electronic motor management can be modified by chip tuning. But most efficient it works with four-strike diesel engines with turbocharger. Tuning specialists can reach a performance which can be raised by 44 percent compared with the original power output. There are no constructional alterations of the engine. The improved performance is only based on the exhausted thermal and mechanical reserves each motor has.

Werkstatt2011The ambition of eco-tuning is minimizing the consumption of the motor. Eco-tuning uses the fact that most drivers do not tap the full saving potential of their cars. For example: When driving at a constant speed, the injection rate is being reduced until speed declines in an unperceptible extent. This is the point where minimal consumption for this special driving situation is achieved. This is called NOx-be-trade-off.

For quote requests please contact us directly. Due to the wide range of different prototypes prices vary between 400,00 € (VW 1.9 TDI) and 1000,00 € (MB SL55), depending on construction, effort and know how.

All software modifications and tuning are carried out by
SCHMITT-TUNING-GMBH in Neuwied-Heimbach-Weiß.

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